Deep inside of every diamond lies a hidden secret, a brilliant white light and a fiery colorful light. Until now, even the world’s most skilled diamantaires were only capable of revealing one of those hidden lights at a time. Fire Polish represents the largest step forward in the art of diamond cutting, ever! Introducing Fire Prism Technology   , a natural diamond cutting technique that allows a diamond to combine both of its hidden lights; Fire & Brilliance, generating unheard of sparkle and light performance. To experience the most sparkle anywhere, you always have to Play With Fire.



We can apply Fire Prism Technology to your existing diamond inventory to make your diamonds sparkle more, shine brighter and ultimately sell faster. Using a combination of diamonds you purchase from us as well as diamonds you already own, you can achieve higher diamond margins than with any other diamond brand. Since our Fire Prism Technology is so advanced, it will not change the grading report of your GIA and AGS graded diamonds, including carat weight! 


We guarantee you and your clients will notice the difference right away. With just a glance, It’s easy to see the Fire Polish difference, no magnification or clumsy viewing devices necessary. With such a noticeable difference in beauty, clients and staff alike will always want to Play With Fire.


We search the world-over for the finest naturally mined diamonds. Fire Polish Diamonds are guaranteed to sparkle and shine with brilliance and fire for a lifetime. All Fire Polish Diamonds comply with the principals of The Responsible Jewelry Council and The Kimberley Process.



Let's make this easy. We dare you to compare a Fire Polish Diamond to any other diamond on the market. No other diamond on earth has a higher Beauty Quotient    (that’s the combination of Sparkle, Fire and Brilliance, some call that light performance.) Every diamond has one, ours is just higher. That’s why everyone is saying we cut the world’s most beautiful diamonds. We’ve raised the bar, and while other brands limbo under it, we continually leap over it. Now we want to prove it to you. Schedule your appointment with us today and discover diamonds that truly sparkle. Be sure to stop by our booth (LUX33048A, in the Luxury Pavilion) to see our fancy shape diamonds being introduced at JCK 2019.


It's not rocket science! Well, actually...it is. The science made it possible for us to cut thousands of Nano Prisms into naturally mined diamonds and these Nano prisms make it possible to break ordinary white light (brilliance) into colored light (fire). When combined, the white light and the colorful light create more sparkle and better light performance than ANY other diamond, even ones that cost thousands more.


Want to know all about the science behind the sparkle? No problem! We can talk about it for hours! Contact us today to learn all about it.

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