A prism reflects light differently than a facet. As you can see above, a facet reflects light back to your eye with a flash of white light. A prism is not flat - it's 3-dimensional, like a small tent. When light hits a prism it actually enters the prism, which slows the light down, and when light slows down it bends. Bending the light actually releases all the color that exists within white light. We call this "spectral" color, and it is the seven colors of the rainbow. In fact, this is exactly how a rainbow is formed. Raindrops are nature's prisms, and when sunlight hits raindrops (or thousands of them - just like a Fire Polish diamond) it breaks into spectral color and a rainbow is formed.

This is what makes Fire Polish different from a typical diamond. In addition to the facets, we cut thousands of Fire Prisms into the diamond. The results are unprecedented! Both beautiful flashes of white light from the facets, and elegant displays of rainbow colors from our Fire Prisms.


Be sure to visit your local jeweler and ask how you can Play with Fire .

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